Tennessee Local Food Summit

December 5, 6 & 7, 2014

on the Vanderbilt University Campus

The kickoff for the 4th annual conference will be a reception Friday, December 5 at Vanderbilt’s Dyer Observatory.

A full day of workshops will be offered on Saturday, September 6 from 8:30am- 5pm.

A. Science of Organics: Providing food and working towards climate change

1. carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycles
2. remineralization
3. building humus
4. the role of microbiology

Speakers: Elaine Ingham, Mark Bader, Hugh Lovell

B. Backyard gardening: growing our own food

1. backyard gardening and permaculture
2. insect control
3. the home fruit orchard and keyline plowing
4. enlivening the soil

Speakers: Richard McDonald, Hugh Williams, Susana Lein, gardener panel

C. The economics of local food production

1. food hubs
2. economic models
3. impact studies
4. how local food can provide a thriving economy in Middle Tennessee

Speakers: John Ikerd, Ken Meter, study from Vanderbilt Medicine, Health and Society

D. Local food in Tennessee: research, education, and personal stories

1. ways to work together
2. networking and reviews of research projects
3. non-profits and other associations
4. maps of middle Tennessee

Speakers: Adam Turtle, Mee Tracy McCormick, Steve Johnson, Matt Spiker, M. Witcomb

E. Food and spirituality

1. sacredness of farming
2. joy of gardening
3. sharing with neighbors
4. the role of the religious community for a more equitable food system

Speakers: Vanderbilt Health and Wellness Department

F. Let’s eat local! Cooking in the demonstration kitchen.

1. Basics of using local produce
2. cooking with the seasons
3. making a menu both healthy and delicious
4. food preservation

Speakers: Sean Brock from Husk, Tyler Brown with Capitol Grille, and Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation.

The day’s events will also include

  • trade show
  • locally grown, chef-made lunch
  • farmer’s/chef’s auction.

Following the workshops, Saturday evening 6pm-10pm, a locally grown, chef-made dinner will be offered, complete with live music, at the University Club.

Sunday morning at 10am, there will be a tour of the local farm Bells Bend.



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