2019 Tracks

Please note this listing of Tracks is still under development. Please check back for additions and changes.

7:00 PM Larry Kopald
How farming affects the climate and what we do about it.
8:30 AM Ellen Polishuk
What can we do to make our farms healthier businesses?
1:30 PM Mary Berry
Saving Small Farms.
9:30 AM Tallu Schuyler Quinn
Nashville Food Project.
10:45 AM Karyn Moskowitz
Fresh Food is a Basic Human Right. Learn how to ignite community power for fresh food access using the New Roots Fresh Stop Market model.
2:30 PM Dodd Galbreth
Food Systems and Climate Change.
3:45 PM Jim Embry
George Washington Carver and the Sustainable Agriculture Movement.
9:30 AM Kristin Sherman
Local at Whole Foods Market.
10:45 AM Ellen Polishuk
How to make farms healtheir businesses.
2:30 PM The Flow of Food
Alan Powell, Jeremy Britt, Hassan Sharaff, & Eric Wooldridge discuss how to get local produce into restraunts.
3:45 PM Larry Kopald
Marketing tips for farmers.
9:30 AM Mark Shepherd
Transforming a conventional farm into a food producing permaculture farm.
10:45 AM Cliff Davis
Keeping water on your land.
2:30 PM Mary Berry
What the Berry Center is doing to save small farms.
3:45 PM Ian McSweeney
Local Agrarian Commons – holding farmland in community to support sustainable agriculture.
9:30 AM David Wells
How to grow mushrooms at home.
10:45 AM David Cook
Learn to identify local insects.
2:30 PM Jeremy Lekich
Foodscaping 101.
3:45 PM Irucka Embry/Obiora Embry
Healing land and creating a vibrant food ecosystem.
School Gardens
9:30 AM Robin Fazio
The imprtance of school gardens and how to start one.
10:45 AM Jason Adkins
What’s going on at the Trevecca Urban Farm at Trevecca University.
2:30 PM Suzanna Fotopulos
Plant the seed.
3:45 PM Youth Panel
Students from various schools will discuss the importance of school gardens.
9:30 AM Anne Byrn
Skillet Love: from Steak to Cake, more than 150 recipes in One Cast-Iron Pan.
10:45 AM Louisa Shafia
The New Persian Kitchen.
2:30 PM Erin Byers Murray
Grits: A Cultural and Culinary Journey through the South.
3:45 PM Nancy Vienneau
Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook.
9:30 AM Jojo Jackson
Ayurveda & Seasoned Eating.
10:45 AM Jim Embry
Women, Gardening and Healing.
2:30 PM Mark Hancock
Finding Remedies in Nature.
3:45 PM Agritourism Panel
Kylee Thatcher, Robin Verson, Jennifer Davis, & McKenzie Wallace discuss ways to diversify farm income.
Chef Demos
9:30 AM Bobby Hodge
10:45 AM Hal Holden-Bache
2:30 PM Laura Rodriguez
3:45 PM Trey Cioccia
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