Saturday: Conference

Main Portion of Summit

Saturday, December 6th 8AM-5PM


8AM-5PM: Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center (2700 Children’s Way, Nashville, TN 37212)


8 (30 minutes): Breakfast


8:30 (30 minutes): Welcome, Jeff Poppen and Vanderbilt Health Plus


9-10:15 (60 minutes): Track Speakers – WORKSHOPS

SCIENCE: Carbon Sequestration, Mark Bader

GARDENING: Backyard Gardening, Jeff Poppen & Adam Turtle

ECONOMICS: Food Hubs, Ken Meter

PERSONAL STORIES: Virginia Harper & Mee Tracy McCormick

SPIRITUALITY: Growing Resurrection, Jason Adkins

KITCHEN: Farm to Table, Tyler Brown


10-10:30 (30 minutes): Break, Visit with vendors


10:30-11:45 (60 minutes): Track Speakers – WORKSHOPS

SCIENCE: Nitrogen, Hugh Lovel

GARDENING: Permaculture, Susana Lein

ECONOMICS: An Impact Study, Vanderbilt University Center for Medicine, Health, and Society

PERSONAL STORIES: The Refugee Perspective, Tennessee Refugee Agriculture Program; & Community Food AdvocatesFarm to School

SPIRITUALITY: Rational Spiritual Nutrition, Steven Johnson

KITCHEN: Eating with the Seasons, Sean Brock


12-1 (60 minutes): Lunch, Home-Grown and Chef-Made, coordinated by Laura Wilson


12:30-1 (30 minutes during lunch): Keynote address, Real Farms, John Ikerd


1:30-2 (30 minutes): Farmer/chef auction, presented by Lamar Wilson


2-3 (60 minutes): Track Speakers – WORKSHOPS

SCIENCE: Closed Farm Systems, Hugh Williams

GARDENING: Insects, Richard McDonald

ECONOMICS: Real Economy, John Ikerd

PERSONAL STORIES: Restaurants, Matt Spicher & Miranda Whitcomb Pontes

SPIRITUALITY: Liturgical Gardening: The Process (and Importance) of Learning to Receive Life as a Gift, Chas Eden

KITCHEN: Food Preservation, Sandor Katz


3-3:30 (30 minutes): Break, Visit with vendors


3:30-4:30 (60 minutes): Track Speakers – PANEL DISCUSSION

SCIENCE: Climate – All Science Track Speakers.

This is your chance to ask questions regarding the science behind the claim that proper agriculture reverses climate change. 

GARDENING: Home Food Production – All Gardening Track Speakers.

This is your chance to have your garden questions answered. 

ECONOMICS: Food Based Careers – All Economics Track Speakers.

This will be a discussion about all of the jobs that local food creates. 

PERSONAL STORIES: Nashville’s Food Movement – All Personal Stories Track Speakers.

Find out what’s happening now in Nashville’s local food movement and where we want to go to from here. 

SPIRITUALITY: Religion’s Role in Agriculture – All Spirituality Track Speakers. 

This is your chance to have your spirituality questions asked.

KITCHEN: Local Food – All Kitchen Track Speakers.

Pigging out, no doubt. 


4:30-5 (30 minutes): “Plenary” (all-conference discussion and debrief)


5: Break for transit to University Club for banquet & concert


For more explanation of speaker tracks, click here.

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