Sunday: Day on the Farm

Day on the Farm

Sunday, December 7th 9-2

Bells Bend Farm (aka Sulphur Creek Farm) (5188 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville TN 37218)


9-9:30 (30 minutes): Track Speakers

FARMING: Keyline Plowing, Hugh Williams

MARKETING: Nashville’s Potential, Ken Meter


9:30-10 (30 minutes): Track Speakers

FARMING: Biodynamics, Hugh Lovel

MARKETING: Local Chefs Making a Difference


10-10:30 (30 minutes): Track Speakers

FARMING: Healthy Soils

MARKETING: America’s Potential, John Ikerd


11-1 (120 minutes): Brunch

Farmer prepared local cuisine by Bells Bend Farms and Humble Flowers


1: Farm Tour


For more explanation on speaker tracks, click here.

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