Speaker Tracks

Objectives of Tracks


To learn about carbon and nitrogen cycles and their effects on the atmosphere, soil, and water. To learn how microbes live and the roles they play. To understand how humans can positively affect the climate by the agricultural methods we employ.


To learn how to grow fruits, vegetables, and grains in our own backyard. To learn about insects, how they interact, and how we can create gardens with fewer insect problems.


To understand how they money we spend on food can stay in our communities. To learn how other communities create local food hubs. To learn about the impact one farm has on the local economy.


To learn about the research, education, and examples going on in middle Tennessee. To understand how nutrition ultimately comes from the soil. To learn how we can help foster Nashville’s local food movement.


To learn what land stewardship means from the standpoint of Christianity. To compare agricultural calendars with liturgical calendars. To learn about the role religion can play in helping to create local food security.


To learn about the farm to table movement and eating with seasons. To learn how to preserve our food for year-round eating. To learn how to use farm fresh food with cooking demonstrations by nationally renowned chefs.


To learn how to create a viable marketplace for locally grown food. To learn how to communicate effectively the needs of the community to farmers, and how farmers can bring their goods to market effectively.

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