This is the 2018 schedule to be used for reference only. Please check back for the 2019 schedule!

3:00 pm Doors Open, Registration
3:30 pm
4:30 pm Social
6:00 pm Dinner: Local Gourmet Cuisine by Great Nashville Chefs
7:30 pm Tradd Cotter, Bioremediation
7:00 am Doors open
7:30 am Registration desk opens with Breakfast by Husk
(Located in the front lobby of the dining hall)
8:15 am Welcome
8:30 am Robert Wolf, Local Food Economy
9:15 am Break
9:30 am Sessions
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Sessions
11:45 am Break
12:00 pm Lunch by Creme Catering
1:30 pm Keynote: John Ikerd, Saving the World by Reconnecting People and Place
1:45 pm Break
2:00 pm Sessions
3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm Sessions
4:30 pm John Ikerd, Relocalizing the Economy from the Ground Up
9:30 am Robert Wolf, Driftless Region Economics
10:45 am John Ikerd, Local Food Policy for Food Security
2:00 pm Laura Wilson
3:15 pm Nashville Food Project
9:30 am Bob Woods, At the Hammery
10:45 am Alan Powell of Nashville Grown and Farm & Fiddle, Selling more on Nashville Grown
2:00 pm Robert Wolf, Local Economy
3:15 pm Continued
9:30 am Dr. Paige Thompson, Research Professor at TSU: Hemp
10:45 am
2:00 pm Greg Brann, Multi Species Grazing
3:15 pm Continued
9:30 am
Growing for Market with Permaculture (off-grid), Susana Lein
10:45 am Continued
2:00 pm Mushroom Culture, Tradd Cotter
3:15 pm Plant the Seed, Growing our Youngest Gardeners
Health & Wellbeing
9:30 am Dr. Tony Johnston from MTSU: Fermentation
10:45 am Food is Medicine, Sommer White, M.D.
2:00 pm Dr. Mark Hancock
3:15 pm Leah Larabell from High Garden Tea, Making Herbal Vinegars
Chef Demos
9:30 am Irving Brown
10:45 am Andrew Coins, Miel Restaurant
2:00 pm Deb Paquette of Etch Restaurant
3:15 pm Sandor Katz
9:30 am Ian McSweeney, Agrarian Land Trust and the Tennessee Agrarian Commons
10:45 am Continued
2:00 pm Eliza Taylor, Ian McSweeney, and Soraya Farivar, Greenhorns & Agrarian Trust Overview
3:15 pm Ian McSweeney and Eliza Taylor, Transitioning Organic Farms
10:30 am Garden Tour of Green Door Gourmet.
The Barefoot Farmer, Jeff Poppen will be on hand for the tour.


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