Below is LAST YEAR’s schedule to give you an idea of what you can expect.

2017 schedule coming!



Saturday Schedule at a Glance


1:00: Dr. Lighari & Jeff Poppen Welcome

1:15: Market Panel Discussion in auditorium- What’s going on and where do we want to go? Laura Wilson moderates Ken Meter, Tasha Kennard & Alan Powell.

Consultation Rooms:

  1. Hugh Lovel Biodynamic and organic farm consultations
  2. Access to Land & Education, moderated by Jeff Poppen and TSU New Farm Academy

3:00: Break

3:30: Ken Meter, John Ikerd and Tasha Kennard discuss Food System Development Project

4:30: Social time with vendors and appetizers

5:30: Ken Meter introduces Joel Salatin

5:45: Joel Salatin: A National Look at Local Food

7:00: Dinner by Alicia DeArmond with Two Goats

8:00: Yahzoo Brewery Social



8:00: Welcome by Jeff Poppen and TSU representative, Kristina Rossi introduces vendors and sponsors.

8:30-8:50: Joel Salatin: Tennessee’s Potential for a Local Food Economy

9:00-9:45: WORKSHOPS

Auditorium: PANEL: Improving soil while revitalizing rural economies and providing healthy local food- Joel Salatin, Will Harris, John Bell, Larry Kopald

B. Susana Lein– Off-grid Permaculture

C. Johnny Mitchell– Meat Preservation with samples

Informal In-depth room-Plants: Cliff Davis on Pigs & Chickens for the Farm & Garden

Informal In-depth room- Science: Hugh Lovel on Science of the Soil

10:00-10:45 WORKSHOPS

Auditorium: PANEL: The Restaurant Business withJoel Salatin , Philip Krajeck, Tandy Wilson, Trey Cioccia

B. Cliff Davis– Permaculture Farming, A Perennial Agriculture

C. Bill Keener: Dairy Cows- the Animal Matters, the Farm Matters

D. Ken Meter with John Ikerd and David Cloniger: Food Banks and their role in the local food movement

D. PANEL: The Restaurant Business- Local Food for Genuine Cuisine

Informal In-depth Room- Science: Hugh Lovel– How Plants Grow

Informal In-depth Room- Plants: Susana Lein– Permaculture Staple Crops Production

11:00-11:45 WORKSHOPS

Auditorium: Joel Salatin Livestock on Polyface Farm

B. Tradd Cotter: Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation

B. PANEL: Population Health: First steps towards nutritional ecological food into schools and hospitals with Rachel Head, Keith Meador, John Compton


Informal In-depth Room- Science: Shabari Bird on Agro Homeopothy

Informal In-depth Room- Plants: Steve Diver on Organic Transplant Production

12:00: LUNCH


12:30: Auction

1:00: Joel Salatin: How Can We Afford Integrity Food

2:00-2:45 WORKSHOPS

Auditorium: PANEL: Future Farms- How New Farmers Can Find Education and Access to Land with Joel Salatin, John Ikerd

B. John Bell on Integrating Livestock with Vegetables

C. Will Harris: Plant and Animal Diversity on White Oak Pastures

D. Tradd Cotter: Home Mushrooms

Informal In-Depth Room- Animals: An Peischel on Goats for Meat and Land Improvement

3:00-3:45 WORKSHOPS

Auditorium: PANEL: Growing Markets & Increasing Supply and Demand of Local Food with Sylvia Ganier, Joel Salatin, Ken Meter & Will Harris 

B. Steve Diver: On-farm Effective Microorganisms

C. Mark Bader: Mineral & Nutrient Cycles in Mob-Grazed Pastures

D. Kristina Rossi: Land Owner & Young Farmer Dating Game

Informal In-depth Room: Kim Totzke: The Grocery Business

Informal In-depth Room: Virginia Harper: Intro to Fermentation and How Ferments Boost the Immune System

Informal In-depth Room: Dharma Pitchay: Stronger Plants with Water & Fertilizer Together

4:00: Joel Salatin introduces Larry Kopald – Carbon and How We Can Reverse Climate Change

5:00: John Ikerd – Feeding the World Intelligently

5:30: Social



  1. Farm Tour of Bells Bend’s Sulphur Creek Farm
  2. Food Hub Discussion with Ken Meter et. al.
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