john ikerdJohn Ikerd is a Professor of Agriculture and Applied Economics at the University of Missouri, and has written several books on sustainability, agriculture, economics, and how the three are related.




mark bader Mark Bader is the owner of Free Choice Enterprises and travels the world helping livestock owners with an array of pasture-performance issues. He’s an expert in ruminants, grazing issues, livestock diet, and animal husbandry.




hugh lovellHugh Lovell is author of Quantum Agriculture and farms organically in Australia when he is not traveling the world speaking on the origins and developments of biodynamic farming, soil health, and sustainable agriculture. His articles have appeared in Acres USA, Farmers Weekly, and Acres Australia.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHugh Williams has been an organic and biodynamic farmer for over 40 years and currently resides in NY where he owns and operates Threshold Farms. Hugh’s expertise is as an orchardist and he is known throughout the eastern United States for speaking on running successful fruit businesses and also on how to have a successful self-contained farm.





Richard-McDonaldRichard “Dr. Bug” McDonald is an expert in organic pest management. He was the Biological Control Administrator and State Apiarist for North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture, and was awarded for his work in entomology and sustainable agriculture.



AMV 3598Jeff Poppen, aka The Barefoot Farmer, is a leader in local, small-scale, and biodynamic farming, and the organizer of the Tennessee Local Food Summit. He works Long Hungry Creek Farm in the Nashville area.






Sue_and_Adam-331x450Adam Turtle is a Fellow of the Linnean Society, the world’s oldest extant biological society and a researcher at Earth Advocates Research Farm.






SusanaLeinphotoSusana Lein is a teacher of permaculture, organic farming, and biodynamic farming and a member of the Biodynamic Association.


kenmetermugKen Meter
 is President of the Crossroads Research Center in Minneapolis and has dedicated his life to working with communities to foster true democracy and local self-determination. As one of the most experienced foods systems analysts in the country, he serves as a consultant to the USDA and the EPA. He managed the grant review panel for USDA Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program, and his study Finding Food in Farm Country helped strengthen a collaborative of food producers and led to the creation of the Hiawatha Fund, a regional investment fund.





Health-Plus-logoVanderbilt Health Plus is a think tank and research branch of Vanderbilt University and a sponsor of the Tennessee Local Food Summit. They are over Vanderbilt Health and Wellness and the Vanderbilt Center for Medicine, Health, and Society.


Personal Stories

Mee-Tracy-McCormick-video-shoot-stills-0244-355x532Mee Tracy McCormick is author of My Kitchen Cure and an expert chef who believes in only using the highest quality of locally grown produce.








the-treehouseMatt Spicher is founder of the Nashville restaurant The Treehouse.









Miranda-WhitcombMiranda Whitcomb Pontes is owner of restaurants Burger Up, Josephine, and Prima in Nashville.









farm-to-school-logoTennessee Farm to School‘s representative will speak about the organization’s work to bring local food into school.





CRIT logo (1)Tennessee Refugee Agriculture Program‘s representative will be speaking about the organization’s work to train and enable refugees to grow their own food.





Virginia-HarperVirginia Harper is author of the book You Can Heal You about the healing power of nutrition.


drjohnson_200x250Dr. Steven Johnson is Medical Director of Evergreen Medical Centre in the Louisville Kentucky area. He is a pioneer of integrative medicine in line with Rudolf Stiener’s philosophy on the connection of rational spiritual medicine to health. An internationally respected lecturer, teacher and physician, Dr. Johnson trains and educates integrative doctors, nurses and health practitioners around the world.





ChasEdensChas Edens is Director and Garden Manager of Anathoth Community Garden in Cedar Grove, North Carolina. The garden is named after the city in Jeremiah 29, in which the prophet charges the Israelites to “plant gardens” and “seek peace” as a politically subversive act while Israel is under the siege of Babylon. Anathoth’s mission is to cultivate peace by using regenerative agriculture to connect people with their neighbors, the land, and God.




579084_114694325388884_420450608_nJason Adkins is the environmental projects coordinator at Trevecca University.


1061012jso1560cover-horTyler Brown
is Executive Chef of Capitol Grille at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville and an award-winning chef who realizes the importance of locally grown food. He grows most of his ingredients for his restaurant himself at Double H Farms.






sean brockSean Brock is the Executive Chef of Husk  in Nashville. He sites his commitment to serving his customers locally grown produce to  his upbringing in which his family cooked with and ate the foods they grew themselves.








Sandor-2011-Head-Shot-medSandor Katz is world’s foremost expert on fermentation and the author of Wild Fermentation and the fermentation and food preservation guru of our time.






Ken Meter (see above)


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