Sponsorships are now tax-deductible!

Find out how to become a sponsor at the bottom of this page!

MAJOR Sponsors
Food Lovin’ Sponsors
Friday Dinner

Katie Coss

Deb Paquette

William Gentry

Patrick McCandless

Anthony DeGeorge
Saturday Breakfast
Saturday Lunch

Bryan Weaver

Courtney Spiegl

Julia Sullivan

Margo McCormick

Tony Galzin
Food & Beverage Donors
Becoming a Sponsor

As a 501(c3) any donation or sponsorship is tax deductible.
Thank you for helping us grow the local food movement.

png 3rd page sponsorship brochure food summit 2016 copy 2

Sponsorship Brochure, page 4

The deadline has not yet been determined,
but due to printing we will need your logo ASAP,
so please don’t delay.

Please contact our Sponsor Coordinator,
Kris Houser, by email at: kris@chronicallyhip.com

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